Past Students
Tissa Illangasekare

Year Name Degree Employment
1987 P. Broady MS-thesis Consulting
  P. Doll MS-thesis Academic
1988 R. Walter MS-thesis Consulting
  J. Brannon MS-thesis Consulting
1989 A. Pailh (co-advisor) MS-thesis Consulting
  R. Carpanito (co-advisor) MS-thesis Consulting
  A. Grenoble (co-advisor) PhD-dissertation Consulting
  T. Sakaki MS-thesis Academic
  J. Zou MS-thesis Industry
  J. Wald MS-thesis Consulting
1990 R. Frybereger (co-advisor) MS-thesis Consulting
1991 E. Armbruster MS-thesis Consulting
  D. Yates MS-thesis Research
  P. Tseng PhD-dissertation Research-National Lab
1992 K. Krumvieda MS-thesis Industry
  J. Ramsey MS-thesis Industry
1993 J. Zou PhD-dissertation Industry
  R. Held MS-thesis Academic
  J. Campbell MS-thesis Consulting
  S. Oya MS-thesis Consulting
  T. Fairbanks MS-thesis Consulting
  M. Butts (co-advisor) PhD-dissertation Research
  M. Al-sheriadeh PhD-dissertation Academic
1994 M. Naghettini PhD-dissertation Academic
1995 G. Walser PhD-dissertation Consulting
  J. Garcia MS-thesis Research
  B. Greimann MS-thesis Government Lab
  S. Okeson MS-thesis Consulting
1996 H. Ruan PhD-dissertation Industry
  D. Wildenschild (co-advisor) PhD-dissertation Academic
  J. Muffet MS-thesis Industry
  J. Ewing MS-thesis Consulting
  M. Chiply (co-advisor) PhD-dissertation Government
  E. Zika MS-thesis Teaching
1997 K. Pytte MS-thesis Industry
  D. Szlag PhD-dissertation Government/Research
  F. El-Gamal (co-advisor) PhD-dissertation Academic
  S. Howington PhD-dissertation Government/Research
1998 C. McEachern (co-advisor) MS-thesis Consulting
  S. Mehl (co-advisor) MS-thesis Academic/Research
  R. Compos (co-advisor) MS-thesis Industry
1999 G. Barth PhD-dissertation Government/Research
  H. Chao (co-advisor) PhD-dissertation Consulting
  T. Saba PhD-dissertation Research
2001 Q. Moore MS-thesis Consulting
  C. Davis MS-thesis Consulting
  D. Richard MS-thesis Consulting
2002 R. Prucha PhD-dissertation Consulting
2003 D. Garcia PhD-dissertation Research
  S. Saenton PhD-dissertation
2004 B. Wilking MS-thesis Consulting-URS
  S. Ullmann MS-thesis Consulting-TetraTech EM Inc
  A. Kaplan (co-advisor) MS-thesis Consulting-Geomega
  A. Turner
MS-thesis Consulting-URS
2005 E. Moreno-Barbero PhD-dissertation Consulting-Arcadis
  J. Heiderscheidt (co-adv.) PhD-dissertation Government/Research
  J. Mykiska (co-adv) PhD-dissertation Czech technical University - Prague
  K. Glover PhD-dissertation Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment
  D. Rodriguez PhD-dissertation CSM - Faculty
2007 F. Fagerland (Uppsala Univ) PhD-dissertation Uppsala Univ. - Faculty
  L. Porta MS-Student CH2MHill
2009 M. Viththanage (U. of Copen.) PhD-dissertation Institute of fundamental studies - Sri Lanka
2010 Paul Schulte MS-Student CSM - Research
  Kevin Barnhart PhD-dissertation Sandia National Laboratory
  Kate Smits PhD-dissertation CSM - Faculty
  Andy Miller PhD-dissertation Sandia National Laboratory
2012 Luke Shannon MS-Thesis PhD Student - UC Irvine
2013 Hiroko Mori MS-Thesis

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