Center for experimental study of subsurface environmental processes

Andrew Trautz

Andrew Trautz

PhD Student


Research Description

Andrew Trautz investigates land-atmospheric interactions with respect to bare soil-water evaporation which presently is still poorly characterized and understood. His research involves both physical experimentation and numerical modeling. The experimental work is performed in laboratory scale tanks interfaced to a climate controlled wind tunnel. The precision data generated is in turn used in numerical models focused on coupling multiphase flow in porous media and free-fluid domains under varying atmospheric conditions. Current research involves the applicability of using heat-pulse sensor technology to determine evaporation rates in situ.

Selected Publications

  • Trautz, A., K.M. Smits, P. Schulte, and T.H. Illangasekare. (2012). Experimental and numerical application of the sensible heat balance and heat-pulse methods to determine in situ soil-water evaporation, Vadose Zone J., in review.
  • Trautz, A., K.M. Smits*, P. Schulte, and T.H. Illangasekare. (2012).Estimation of soil-water evaporation from bare soils using sensible heat balance and heat-pulse methods; experimental and modeling study, Gordon Research Conference, Flow through Permeable Media, Les Diableretes, Switzerland, July 2012.


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